I’m sitting in bed, alternately sweating and shivering, taking frequent trips to the bathroom and startling the hotel staff with the alarming amount of toilet paper Americans use. It’s day four, welcome the traveler’s diarrhea. I feel pretty knarly, but this ought to work its way out soon (ew).

China is just as crazy as you might think. Walking down the sidewalk, every five feet smells strongly of something different and usually unidentifiable. The streets are a mishmash of cars, scooters, bikes, motorized bikes, carts and people. By the time we leave we may have figured out the traffic laws, though it’d probably be silly to bother, as they are likely not obeyed.

Apparently there has been a recent law passed about honking and the streets are much quieter. I can only imagine what it was like before. As it is now, a taxi will drive down the street, honking every 5 seconds or so, though there is nobody ahead or behind him. It makes me giggle and soon enough, I’ll probably stop giving a little jump when they surprise me with a toot nearby.

We have found some very delicious dumplings and hot pot, and also had some predictably disappointing pasta. The coffee is prohibitively expensive, a shame as I enjoy it so much. Yes, I like tea and we have had some delicious cups, but man, I love a good cup of coffee (or stumptown french press or nonfat single caramel latte). There’s a very european looking coffee shop just down the street (with cheesecake advertised on the board!), but it’s so expensive we may have to wait a few months to indulge.


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