Hey all. It’s a day later (Sunday) and now Jesse and I are both laid out. I think I’m rather less fevery, though everything else still feels about the same. Ugh. Momm and Daddy, bring your immodium when you come. Also bring a good book for sitting on the pot.

OK, enough of that, I’m sure nobody wants any details. Having only taken a short walk down the street to the convenience store for some provisions, I don’t have any new amusing anecdotes about China. We’re pretty much holed up here hoping to feel better. Jesse’s supposed to start work full force tomorrow morning, so I hope we can get him feeling better.

We have a possible apartment (we’re not quite sure if the ladies helping us understand that we said yes to it). It’s on the sixth floor (no elevator = good exercise) is fairly old and dirty, but has an oven (!) and cool antique-alike furniture. It’s by far the nicest we’ve seen in our price range – 4000 RMB if you care – which means Shanghai is expensive. It’s a one bedroom place but has 2 beds (one taking up half the living room) and a really fantastic view. Hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow how much longer the negotiations will take and when we can move in. It seems we’d be rather taken advantage of if our Chinese spokesperson weren’t taking care of these “negotiations” for us.

In the meantime we’re staying in a “hotel” above a performing arts center. This “hotel” earns quotation marks because it is rather more like a dorm with complimentary shower cap. Nothing wrong with it, mind you, but we’ve seen nobody else here except for 2 or 3 “hotel” staff that refill out water pitcher and smile when we walk by. They’re very sweet. Everybody’s very sweet. I wonder if it’s the big goofy foreigner smiles we give everybody that makes them so helpful and shy or if it’s my blond, fair, aloofness. It’s not that I’m trying to be aloof, but that it comes naturally when not knowing the language. Hmm – I’ll try to change this aloofness


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