Welcome to Shanghai


Finally, internet! These first three posts were written from the hotel room, when I felt I couldn’t keep the words in any longer. For my current thoughts, see 9.17.07. Yay!

We’re here! The flight was loooong. A lot longer than that line of o’s there. We got to sleep last night around 1am, got up at 5am this morning, got a ride to the airport from Sky (thank you, thank you, Sky!) and it’s now about 4am all y’alls time, which equals about 7pm here in Shanghai the next day. Make any sense? Not to me either.

I’ve flipped on the TV and am watching the women’s world cup, I think (obviously in Chinese) and New Zealand just got whupped by Brazil (maybe?). Aha, this rings a bell, it’s in China this year.

So far, I simply feel as though I’ve stepped back through time and am in Japan again. It’s actually rather comforting. Though I was ready to leave Japan once we were done with our contract, I have often missed it since then. Everybody is helpful and friendly; the language is very foreign (though, thanks to Jesse James, I do recognize a word or two, which is nice) the city is big, the weather is nice, the campus Jesse’s school has created is beautiful…so, things are good.

I’m tired, headachy, hungry, and happy. And now we’re going to dinner.

I’ll post this when I get the chance, folks, but here we are, in Shanghai, and all’s well!

(wow, after reading this over later, it sounds almost incoherent – I must’ve been so tired and loopy)


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