It’s Monday! Jesse’s first day of work. I don’t know how much work he did. He still feels pretty awful, I don’t feel all that great either, but the fever seems to have ended. We spent most of the afternoon looking at housing again. The apartment I mentioned yesterday fell through as the landlord is on a 2 week business trip to somewhere. We could wait 2 weeks for her to come back but it would mean moving out of this hotel and moving into a cheaper place (this one’s only free for this first week) for the meantime. Pain in the tush. We saw a nicer place today, though. It’s the same price but more than twice as far from the school. It’s a very small 2 bedroom with a big porch-like area shared with another apartment or two. It has been recently re-done (cabinets, floors, etc.) which means it is about 100 times nicer than anywhere else we’ve seen. The bathroom and shower are located in the kitchen, kind-of (you’ll have to come visit to see just how), and the air conditioner and fridge are new. I’m excited about it, but trying not to get too excited because it seems that nothing is certain here. I’m not sure at what point to count on having a place. Maybe not until we’ve moved stuff in?

I got on the internet today from the euro coffee shop and it was delicious. My latte was lovely, the fruit and yogurt was perfect and the internet was divine. I’m a junkie, I tell you. When I can’t check email for a week I become a bit of a freak. My only connection to you all is through this funny box. That’s not true, I cannot tell a lie. We have a phone card that the school gave us, but I’ve no idea how much time is on it. I called momm and daddy, Jesse called his parents, and I called Leif to check and see if he has gone to the hospital yet. I’m wary of using it up, just in case the baby time comes! So that’s the truth, folks. I could maybe be calling you, but I’m not. Don’t be mad.

Since we’ve been under the weather/over the toilet, Jesse and I have been eating convenience store food. This means fancy cup-o-noodles, soda crackers, moon pies (marshmallow between cake covered in chocolate), iced tea, and liquidy yogurt. Maybe this is why our stomachs are still wacked?


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