Tuesday Typhoon


It’s a beautiful day out. It’s raining cats and dogs (or bikes and umbrellas, to give you and bit of a china visual)and I love it! I’ll bet if there were something I was obligated to do or even if I had to walk a block, I would not think it so lovely, but I wish you could all see it outside. I have no camera with me or you would. It’s thunderously raining and the passersby (passerbys?) are all either decked out in a brightly colored trashbag-style parka or are carrying a wild umbrella, most popularly with cartoon characters or flowers decorating them. The majority are on creaky, squeaky bikes, holding aloft the umbrella, dodging taxis and pedestrians. I’m very impressed.

I’ve been told this is the worst typhoon to come through Shanghai in 10 years. It’s a little disappointing, as we came to expect rather more from a storm during the typhoons in Japan. The wind shook our house up on the hill in Japan, here there is so far only rain, no thrashing branches.

I’ve been sitting here in the euro cafe for, uh, let me count..more than 3 hours, anyway. Ooh! It just got very, very dark! Now comes the storm! Every time the door to the cafe opens, somebody has to run over and mop up the small river that came in the door. This is totally cool! There’s nothing like traveling! Did I ever feel this excited in Portland? No. But will I ever feel as comfortable here as in Portland? We’ll see.

No news yet about that apartment (the 2nd one), but cross your fingers for us. It’s really nice and has a second bedroom for all the visitors we’ll be getting. Come on visitors! We want YOU.

Holy moly, it’s scary outside. I’m not sure how I’m going to get home. ‘Til next time…


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  1. Keep on ramblin on girl! We love readin it. How exciting to be a yound beautiful newlywed and traveling so much. We would love to come visit you. It’ great hearing from you. Keep having a great time and soaking up the great cultural fun!
    Love, Ron and Tish

  2. Hi Amy,

    Love your blog. So interesting!! Sorry you two got sick. Hope your better now.Are typhoons the same as hurricanes? If they are why are you sitting in a coffee shop and not hiding in some shelter somewhere?
    Is Jesse working there? Are you? I thought I heard Jesse was going to school? So I really don’t know why your both there but sure sounds like your having a good time learning and exploring China.


  3. Hi, Amy. It’s Rev. Ann from Pilgrim Church, Redding. I was so concerned about you when my internet page said 1.8 million people were being evacuated from Shanghai that I emailed your parents to see if they had heard from you. They referred me to your site, so here I am. I hope you’re going to be fine where you are in this storm. I, like your parents and grandma, will be checking your page to see if you’re OK, and starting the prayer chain if you don’t seem to be. Blessings, Ann

  4. Hi Amy-Kate!!!
    It was sooo nice to get a note from you and to read your blog! I am still regretting missing your wedding … but what is a mother going to do when her only son wrecks his motorcycle!?? Anyway, he is now recovered sufficiently enough to once again ride the #@!*!!! things so I am once again stressed out about it.
    Anyway, hang on to your pantaloons in those typhoons and keep up the blog. Fun to read back here in Redding.

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