Wednesday, Typhoon?


Okay everybody, unwring your hands. The typhoon is spectacularly underwhelming so far.  It’s been a bit windy.  That’s all, really.  It’s about 1:30pm here and it’s supposed to “hit” around 4pm, but it hasn’t rained in hours.  I think everybody here is starting to doubt whether we’ll even see stormy conditions.

I think Jesse and I are getting ready to head out of this cafe.  There’s been a stately-looking older Chinese man smoking the smelliest ever cigarette and It’s making me ill.  How can one smoke last an hour?  Oh, jeez, I may have to wait outside.

Thanks for all your good wishes.  We are well, or at least more so than we were a few days ago.  We are both still experiencing vague abdominal “unrest”, but have managed to eat a few full meals.

I have 2 pieces of fantastic news.  We signed the lease on the 2nd, nicer apartment, and they’re helping us get an oven.  An oven!  Hurray!  You all know how much this means to me.  I’m thinking of becoming the cupcake girl.  This would require a great deal of skill (if I do say so myself), but imagine the satisfaction!  I’ll have to research ingredients, temperatures, figure out how to cook in a “microwave convection oven” again (imagine a microwave with a toaster element on top – that’s what I had in Japan), and try to figure out how to make tasty , fluffy buttercream with no mixer.  I’ll probably take me awhile, but we may have humorous anecdotes and pictures along the way.  Stay tuned.

The second piece of good news!  AFS worked it out with their HR department to keep me on part time as their first outposted staff member in Asia.  Wahoo!  I’ll work for them about 20 hours a week, all internet-student admissions-answering emails-giver of basic AFS info-type work, but it means I don’t have to worry about finding a little bit of work to support my upscale, euro cafe, shopping for handbags, getting pedicures lifestyle.  Also, I’m all about the $5 massages.

OK, the stately cigarette dude lit up again, so I think we’re going to get a move on, get our groove on, go for a walk in the wind, get some lunch, get holed up in the hotel.  Thanks again for all your kind comments!  Miss and love you all—-


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