Baby Boy!


Leif and Melissa had a baby boy! A baby boy! I just got the email from Erin, he’s unnamed just yet and is 6lbs, 15oz and oh! I just want to cry. Part happy, part so sad that I’m missing it. I can’t wait to see some pictures! Oh, please, Leif, bring on the pictures.  And a name, please.  I hear that Olivia loves to hold him and strokes his head and sings to him.  I’d like a picture of that, please.

The news came at almost the same time as I heard from Mommm and Dad that their new dog, Sookie, found and ate a couple packages of rat poison.  She is fine after going to the vet and horking up 2 huge piles of poison and being fed a lot of charcoal, but jeez.  What a right doofus, that new puppy is.  I think Momm and Dad are happy to have a new crazy, goofy, naughty puppy to play with.

On the side, I do know how to spell ‘mom’.  Mine is so special, she gets extra ‘M’s.

I am again in the chic euro cafe (called ‘Amokka’, an odd, coffee-type word that doesn’t hail from any one language as far as I can tell), the only place I can get internet so far.  I think, I THINK we are moving into our new apartment this afternoon at 2:40pm.  Not 2:30, mind you, 2:40.  We may not yet have internet for awhile.  In fact, our first week is free, because we probably only will have a TV or a couch or a mattress so far.  The apartment comes “furnished” but was unfurnished when we rented it, so it’ll take them awhile to get it all outfitted.  I’m hoping, though not counting on, all the furniture being new.  That would be a treat indeed.  I can’t emphasize you grody some of the apartments we saw were.  We got very, very lucky with this one.

It will be far (about 25 minute walk?) from Jesse’s work and this cafe (they are 2 feet from each other), but I may just make the trek, anyway.  It has already started to feel familiar and that is a rare feeling in a foreign country.  I had ‘my familiar places’ in Japan and in Spain, too.  Places where they recognize you, seem glad to see you and understand your strange never-quite-native talky-speak.

Alright folks, I’m done and gone.  I’ve got a few pressing emails to answer and some business with the bathroom. We are still not back to normal in the basement of our guts and may go to the Dr. tomorrow, as it will have been a week of “unrest” for me and nearly that for Jesse James.



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