Great Firewall of China


Bad news about my new page, folks.  It appears that wordpress is blocked by the great firewall of china, also known as the great pain in the arse.  I’d started up a blogger page that I thought would be my link to you all, but was told by a friend here that it was blocked.  So I started one here on wordpress (nicer than blogger, I might add) and now I can’t get in half the time.

Don’t think me down for the count just yet.  I’ll get you yet, China.  Obviously, these ramblings are dangerous to the integrity of the Chinese.  Or something.  Damn it.

I have to go, but will work something out!

Happy autumn festival moon watching day.


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  1. hey Amy-Kate (and Jesse)
    So, yes I could open the picture of Leif’s kids. It was too large so I double clicked on it and it opened up in normal size.
    Glad you survived the typhoon and hope you will soon adjust internally to the wonderful straw slurping food they have there. Hope your mom and dad have a great visit and have better intestinal fortitude than the two of you have had so far!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures…however it does make me really sorry we missed it!
    Take care and I hope all of your plumbing (personal as well as home) problems are cured by the time you receive this.
    Love ya,

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