I just had the very best sandwich in my taste bud’s recent memory. The europosh cafe calls it a teppanyaki chicken burger, but the only burger-y thing about it was the bun (it also came with french fries, which looked and tasted only like roasted potatoes). Chicken marinated in something, cooked juicy with little crispy burned bits and dressed up with an abundance of cheese and a slice of roasted tomato. Granted, I was very hungry, but this was above and beyond any chicken sandwich expectation. Jesse had a burger here the other day and said it was the best hamburger of his life. Also, he was very hungry.

I’m having a tough time finding Mandarin classes. It’s all too expensive. I’d be spending almost as much on Chinese classes as I’m making at AFS, darn it.

This working for AFS thing is a mess, too. They have been ready for me to start work for more than a week, but the phone guys haven’t come to hook up our internet yet. Everyday we’re given the vague expectation, “The phone company may go to your house today,” but they seem no more reliable than the phone company at home! Now we’re told tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) and I’ve been asked to stay home from 1 – 5pm, which is nothing they’ve asked of me before. Maybe this is the real thing?

We did get cell phones and we do have an address, so once I’ve figured out what these are, I’ll pass them along to all of you, so you can call (yeah, I know, slim chance) or write (even slimmer). I am happy to get simple, “Hello, we’re still here in _____ and doing _____” type emails.

Ummm, what else? Oh yes! The women’s world cup! We got a TV yesterday, just in time for me to watch the semi-finals this evening. I’m not sure how it happens that I’m a soccer-on-TV-watcher, but it’s addictive. Also, I don’t need to understand Chinese to know what’s going on. Now, if I were watching the cricket finals (which will no doubt be on), that would be frustrating. I watched a bit of a game and it was crazy, people. It’s like part golf, part baseball, part dodgeball and all funny looking.

OK, this post is going nowhere fast. Later folks! Wait, though, can you tell me if that picture of Daniel and Olivia was on that post the other day? It won’t show up for me, but neither will a lot of stuff I look at here. Like Flickr! No flickr in China.


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  1. Dear Amy and Jesse -how delightful to hear from you and to read the stories of how you are living!
    We are still here in____ Sebastopol__ and doing_______ the usual___ (go to work, feed Mollie and Stella, make order in the house, deeply consider {exercising, dieting, meditating vs reading novels}, let the dog out, let the dog in, get the dishwasher fixed, get the toilet fixed, etc etc. Fortunately for me, Peggy is much better and has returned to her role as resident “engineer” and mechanical genuis and is doing a lot of the fixing in between doctor visits.
    Come to think of it … Do you have health insurance there? Can you see OMD’s as well as MD’s? get herbal prescriptions?
    I look forward to pictures of your place and of Shanghai
    Be Well

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