The Weather is Here


It’s so lovely out!  Still humid and just warm enough that if you don’t mind getting a tiny bit sweaty, you can wear pants.  I didn’t know I would so hanker for the wearing of pants.  I suppose what we’ve heard is true, there are 2 nice seasons in Shanghai, spring and fall, and they each last under a month.  I’m so, so happy not to be sweaty.

We also have a couch and a chair (can sit down in our apartment!) and the washing machine is fixed, so clean clothes are drying outside.  Imagine you just packed your favorite clothes, then sweated in them for almost 3 weeks.  We are very, VERY glad to have the washer going.

I’ve heard from many sources that a bowel bug, once established, can take a month or more to completely work it’s way out, so…that’s the round-a-bout way of saying I may be out of whack for a little while yet.  I don’t feel awful or anything, just not normal.

There’s a short update for you.  I’ve got to get out of my laundry doing clothes to go to IKEA.  We’re going to get more house stuff as we still don’t have utensils, plates, cups, etc..


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