I’m Touched


The opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics is on and it’s making me a little goofily verklempt. They’re announcing the countries one by one and the athletes come out, waving and smiling to a huge cheering crowd. The athletes all look star struck and excited and it’s very touching. Mali came out with 4 people, Japan with more than 100.

I’ve still got this bug. I have a hard time thinking of what it’s like to have a normal bowel.Today was worse than most. I’m back to feeling apprehensive about going for walks further than a few blocks and a allways want to know where the next bathroom is. I do know that all this bowel talk is definite oversharing and not exactly-

*HEY!* The US was just announced and Governor Schwarzenegger was with the team. I think.

Well, I was going to mention that I understand alluding to “my bowels” and “feeling sick” doesn’t really hide the issue and, though I’m sparing you the gross details, it’s really no more pleasant of a conversation topic. But this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop mentioning it! This is what’s going on, guys, and that’s just that.

I said a few days ago that the weather was lovely and it was but it’s not done making us sweat yet. Yesterday and today were hot and humid again. Yuck.

Ah, Jackie Chan seems to be the emcee for the night. What a cute man.

*sigh* Jesse just called (he’d ran to the store) and he thinks maybe his stomach is acting up again, too.

Oh, can I just tell how sweet my husband is? (husband!) This morning he surprised me with breakfast. It was the first meal served in our house, as we just finally got plates, silverware, and cooking implements. He made bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs and we had grapefruit juice. You might think the bacon here would be a weird and disappointing product, something for me to make an amusing anecdote about, but it’s GOOD. Way good, better than bacon at home. So we had some.

We were going to to go on a little excursion tomorrow to see a village 45 minutes out of Shanghai, but I’m starting to wonder if Jesse and I might be spending the day at home. Or at least near to it. If we go, we’ll have some fantastic pictures to share.


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