Typhoon Krosa


Yesterday, I saw somebody eating a piece of cake with a knife and fork. She was handling the knife and fork British style (fork pointing backwards in left hand, knife in right) and was sawing pieces of cake off and eating them like it was a steak. It was surreal, I couldn’t stop watching as the cake was demolished into crumbs. Should I have felt sorry for her or the cake?

Today is very typhoony. There is far, far more rain and wind then that last typhoon that everybody worried about. Incidentally, where are all your concerned notes, huh? It’s actually fantastically freaky, all this whistling wind and rattling windows. For the 1st time since getting here (to Shanghai) I’m cold. I might like to put on a pair of socks. Hang on . . . just did.

There’s supposed to be a dinner tonight with Jesse’s work. They had their 1st day of classes today and I want to go to see everybody, but going out in this Typhoon seems like just asking for a fully clothed shower. I guess we’ll see. He sounds so tired on the phone. My poor sweetie.

I worked for a good 5-ish hours today. For money, wahoo! I also finally started Mandarin classes and had a good time. The teacher of the class is probably about 10 years younger than me.


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  1. I actually tried to communicate with you in a somewhat old fashioned way…email! I guess it didn’t work. Maybe that amykatrina(at)gmail address is old. Having the same email address for over ten years makes me something of a relic, doesn’t it?
    Since I’m officially working, I have no time to give you much other than this: Definitely feel sorry for the cake, not the lady. While she is condemned to living a life of crummy cake, feeling sorry for the lady would be like feeling sorry for fashion victims: We may be laughing at the person but at least they made a conscious decision. The clothes couldn’t help it.

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