Working Girl


I’m spending about 4 hours a day now on the computer working on exchange student-y things and it makes setting aside time to write these ramblings a little more difficult. It’s dang good to know I’m making some money, though, and I remember again how good it feels to work for a company that you think does some good. It makes me miss the office, though, which I had no idea I was attached to. I think it’s all parceled together with the “missing Portland” feeling.

Jesse had a work dinner/party last night and it was crazy. We were fed (or offered, anyway) pork trotter (foot), duck head, fish soup complete with heads, fins and tails and some other stuff that would sound too normal and delicious for me to bother writing them down. There was also a lot of beer and some kind of deadly strong Chinese alcohol that was the doing in of a few at the table. Only three people partook and they were crazy by the end of dinner. There was also a moment of strange peer pressure, when a pack of cigarettes was passed all along the table and people who never smoked lit up and those of us not smoking were bugged about having ‘just one’. Of the 13 people around the table, only 4 of us abstained and the result was a foggyness in our corner of the restaurant that was just gross. In Japan, the “work Party” (called an enkai), is a ritualistic evening consisting of speeches, a lot of beer and a lot of men smoking. It’s very rude not to go and it’s a little rude not to drink. If not drinking, you will be harangued a bit by the bosses until you do, or until you laughingly refuse enough. But nobody would expect a lady to smoke. Jeez.

The weather has officially changed. It’s, well, it’s cold! Erin would tell you that I am always either cold or hot. It’s probably true, I’m a temperature complainer. It went straight from shorts and flip flops to pants and long sleeves and I usually wish I’d remembered a scarf. I think the humidity has changed a bit, too. I’d noticed that the hot and wet weather had a very positive effect on my skin. No dryness and my skin was always dewey and fresh (and sweaty, too). Now, though, I do feel a little after-shower-dry-skin and think I’ll have to break out the lotion again for my arms and legs.


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