Saturday = Cake


Our house is still a bit bare. We’ve finally been provided a couch and chair, coffee table, TV and desk. It’s a small place, so any more furniture would make it quite crowded. The walls, though, are awfully white. The coffee tables are IKEA-plywood-beige, as is the couch. So it’s kind of stark and too modern-y for me. I’m thinking of printing up a bunch of our wedding pictures and, in a blatant blast of ego, plastering them all over the walls. Once it doesn’t look so white, I’ll have to share some pictures.

A few nights ago, Brendan came over for dinner and we took him out instead because we still only have one small saucepan and that will not a dinner make. We went to a small and perfect little Japanese restaurant near our house. It has most of our favorite little Japanese treats, yakitori, miso ramen, katsudon etc., and you can count on us eating there often this winter. After eating, he took us too a nearby very cool bar (he tells us, enviously, that we live in the very center of the city), where we sat outside in the perfect weather and sipped wine. We talked and talked and eventually, we figure out that he makes far more money than anybody, family or friend, that Jesse and I know. Go Brandon.

We’re going out again tonight to meet his girlfriend, who has just come back from a trip to Canada. I imagine we are in for a treat. He said something about a friend’s Italian restaurant that is on the top of a skyscraper.

He’s been working on a lot of publicity events for “stupid plastic shoes”, mostly they’re sponsoring sports events and stuff, and really wants us to attend. It’s all in another city near Hong Kong, though, where he’ll be spending the next few months. Despite his offer of free hotels, with Jesse’s and my schedule right now, it’s impossible. Too bad. I like fancy events.

It’s my day off. No work, no class, but Jesse will be working weekends here, so I’m hanging out at the europosh cafe next to his school. I had a piece of carrot cake and I must say, they did it well. The frosting was a bit orangey and the carrot was plentiful. It’s a good thing I don’t have an oven yet because I’d be very tempted to run home and duplicate it and then I’d have to eat a whole carrot cake.


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  1. Did you get my last email? I starting to wonder if it works. I guess you got one of them… I’m still looking for something to get momm related to her free spirited traveling exploits. Let me know if you have any ideas. And if your friend wants to offer me free hotel AND airline tickets I’ll go to his fancy events and then swing through Shanghai…

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