Heck of a day


This morning I locked myself out. I left with Jesse, he to work, me to grab a cup-o-joe before going home to work. We left at 8:20 and I was back at 8:55, ready to work but instead I was looking through the door at my keys. This means that (assuming I’d like to get inside) I must walk the 40 minutes to Jesse’s work and then walk back. I had been 1.) going to start work at 9am and 2.) already getting a blister from my winter shoes (flip flops = summer shoes, everything else = winter shoes).

So, I walked (stomped, more like) and grumbled my way to his work, scraping the skin off the back of my heel on the way. Once there, I perked up a bit, as there were people to be social with. I asked around about a bandaid, but they don’t seem to be a common “helpful thing” to have on hand here. I was instead offered tape, yes, plain old tape, which I used and it worked! I made it home with no further damage to my heel, though the other one was a little worse for wear by the time I got back. What the heck? I wore these shoes all over tarnation last winter. I think I just need to toughen up my heel again.

Today I worked to the Beastie Boys and Bjork and they kept me typing away like a fool. When good music is on, I actually often end up typing in rhythm, which is awesome except I’m a terrible typist. I spend more time fixing my typos than I spend typing in the first place. It’s worse with rhythm because even when I can tell I’ve just gone all over the place, I can’t stop the rhythm, yo and end up with big messes to fix.

Oh, and the weather? That I complain about to an irritating degree? It’s like early winter here, all of a sudden. In one week we’ve gone from sleeping with nothing, all sheet and blankets shoved at the bottom of the bed, to clasping each other for warmth with a sheet and quilt over us. We need a blanket thrown in that mix, I guess.


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  1. Hi, nice to read this. Thx. for the “invitation” to it. Wow. Sounds like an adventure. Would love to come visit (if I can’t make it to Boston for parent weekend, at least I should go to Shanghai, right). Have fun. Write. Enjoy. Bye.

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