Our Quilt


Jesse and I received an amazing gift for our wedding, a quilt made by my momm, just about the best gift of my life. I insisted on bringing it with us to China, sacrificing space for clothes and shoes so I could put it on my bed and make it home. In fact, I refused to put it on my bed in Portland because (this will sound weird to some) I didn’t want to lose the small dog hairs that were still attached to it. I wanted to bring those little pieces of my parent’s home to Shanghai with me.

This morning I realized that every time I look at the quilt I see something new – some other small detail I hadn’t noticed before. A new fabric, a different ribbon, or even a deeper complexity to the pattern that I hadn’t put together previously. This quilt is not just a bright spot in our still undecorated apartment, but it’s a bright spot in my day. I so look forward to snuggling under it every evening. Thank you so much, Mommy.


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  1. What a fantastic gift. Your mom(m) is so sweet. I’m glad to hear the runs have subsided and hope that you don’t take up smoking. (First I read your post and then there was a story about it on NZ Radio. Coincidence?) Have fun and keep posting!!

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