Humph.  It’s Sunday morning, Jesse’s gone off to work and I started a load of laundry.  I ate some yogurt, got my hair out of my face and put on enough clothing not to scandalize the neighbors (who love to walk by and peer through the windows).  It was the perfect time for the rest of my plan, calling Momm and Dad, and then Erin.  I need to catch up with all of them and finally the time was right for a phone call.  Shanghai ADSL is down.  There will be no calling. 

It’s so hard to find a good time to call home.  I work and then have class right through the middle of my day, which is evening time the day before on the west coast.  I can’t wait until after school and work because when I’m done it’s 2am for them.


So instead I’m writing in word.  It’s weird to approach my computer when there’s no internet access.  It feels like it’s about a 10th as useful and only about a20th as much fun.  Using word to write out these rambles feels stark and cold.  Sterile, sort of.

It’s a very lovely day, though, and I think I’ll take off for a walk.  I’m going to try a new café today, mostly because they make their own yogurt, it’s unsweetened and they’re giving a free container of it away if you come before 10am.  And dang-it, I forgot about that small detail and right now it’s 9:54.  Ooh, I’m frustrated.  Am accomplishing nothing this morning.  Except laundry.  Clean towels will be nice. 



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