Street Food


We’ve discovered our block is delicious. We can get a couple different kinds of super loaded soup for just over a dollar. This is meal-soup; can’t finish the whole bowl-soup. We can get a bunch of different kinds of noodles with all kinds of stuff in them for about a dollar. Croissants, muffins and bread for about 50 cents, stuffed bread and fresh scallion pancakes for 20 cents each, etc.. We can also, if we so desire, spend $100+ on a crab and lobster dinner, or $15 on Indian food, or $8 for a crepe. It’s all within 2 blocks. It’s nice to have finally gotten over our fear of getting sick, so we can eat all this good stuff. After a week, though, I’m kind of jonesing for a sandwich.

All we ever have here at home is some cheese, maybe, and coke and yogurt. Also crackers and tea. Not really anything fit for a meal. We have one small saucepan, a knife (I brought with), and a cheese grater (also brought), so making food at home is still out of the question. Altogether? I miss cooking and baking (a lot), but we are really loving the tasty local fare. I don’t recommend it for a diet, though. Shanghainese tastes are famous for running towards the oily and sweet.

I’ll tell you what, though. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the sandwich of the month for me. It’s delicious, easy to have the ingredients around, and I can make it slap-dash while I’m working. Also, peanut butter on apple slices is good.


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  1. Amy-Kate and Jessie~
    It sounds like you two are having a grand time. Good. You should enjoy your life together and remember this exciting time. Kevin and I did that when we toured the US and Canada for 6 months on a motorcycle…of course that was in 1978 and there was no internet (probably ’cause Al Gore 🙂 hadn’t invented it yet)…so I simply kept a diary. Much more difficult to keep in touch with friends and family though. Sorry about the Al Gore thing, sometimes I just can’t help bein’ a smart ass. Weird to even cuss in print to a little girl I taught pre-school to!!! Anyway, it is really fun to occasionally check your blog and hear all the fun stuff you are doing!
    Stay Happy and Healthy…and keep on holding hands.
    Love you,

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