So, guess what sucks? WordPress, my publishing software, (yes, I’m a published writer, but only here!), has been quite effectively blocked by the country-wide firewall in China. I can still get here, through a sideways route using an online proxy-something-or-other search engine, but I’m missing a bunch of the helpful for writing online stuff. No pictures or anything cool will be showing up until the firewall forgets again about WordPress. I don’t really have any idea what I’m walking about, but the point is, blogging is blocked in China and mine is no exception.

So, what have I been doing? Uh, working. Trying to learn some Chinese. Yesterday, Jesse and I had our first day off together since the first weekend we came (the one we spent laying in bed and visiting the bathroom) and it was lovely. We went to ikea and got some house stuff and also meatballs. Hey, how much are those meatballs at ikea in Portland? Jesse and I got a plate of meatballs, a croissant, an apple pie-danish thing, a cup of refillable coffee and soda, all for about $3.50. Wasn’t it a lot more at home? We also went to a bookstore and a bakery and held hands, walking all about. We ended the evening at home, where I made BLT’s and green beans and we read, watched the TV some, and cuddled. Incomparable.

It’s quite cold now. Walking down the street today, I noticed that every woman under 50 was wearing heels. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans, sweats, or pajamas, you’ve got clippity-cloppity shoes on and, for heavens sake, put on some makeup, too. Incidentally, there is a lot of public pajama wearing. You’ll notice, those of you planning, when you arrive. I wonder if I stand out as much by not looking feminine as I do by being a foreigner.

The other night, I was plopping down on the couch and somehow managed to slam my scapula against the top, where it has particle board under a smidge of foam. I’ve bruised a spot along the medial border of my scapula (inside edge) and it hurts a LOT. It wakes me up at night if I turn over onto my back and it makes me realize how often Jesse rubs my back, squeezes my shoulder, gives me big hugs, etc., as I keep squeaking at him to watch out for my scapula.

Yay! He just called, finally got off work and I’m going to go meet him for dinner. We’re going for Peking duck for the first time. If I remember, I’ll tell you how it is.


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