A Lonely Sunday


Most of the time I feel so far away from all of you. I miss you. I’m not a frequent caller, or emailer, but you all need to know I miss you and think of you. I go through short periods of achy loneliness, where I wish we were just shooting the breeze, probably with a cup of coffee and maybe cookies. There might be dogs curled on feet (or jumping in faces), there might be cats in sultry, soft repose and there definitely would be laughing. I so look forward to when we’re all together again. I feel bad for Jesse, because, boy, howdy, am I glad he’s here, but he’s busy and he can’t be everything. He’s my love, but he’s not a mother, a sister, a grandparent, or a girl friend. When he’s here, with me, we have fun and cuddle and laugh and whisper together; when he’s gone for the day, I miss you all.

I found out recently that my aunt and uncle (Hi, Allan and Dee!) are printing out and sharing these ponderings with my grandparents (Hi, Grandma and Grandpa! I love you) and I am so pleased. I feel a hundred times closer to home to know they are there, hearing my silly thoughts and everyday babble. Thank you so much for sharing with them.

I also get comments and emails from Momm and Daddy, Erin, Nick, Nordli, Heidi, Lois and Peg, Linsey, Mary, Emily, Mandy, etc., and it’s so nice to hear your (written) voices. I know I seldom reply, but every little connection we have makes me feel we are together for a moment.

Somedays I feel a little more sad, lonely and pensive than others. This is one of those days. If you’ve been thinking of saying “hi”, this might be a nice time to do it. Thank you, much love, thinking of you all at home.


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