Good Tuesday


I’ve nearly finished the Margaret Atwood and it’s good. I’ve had to put it aside for the day so I don’t finish it too soon. The thing that’s rough about getting really sucked in to a good book is then it’s over and you’re left with that feeling of, “What? What just happened? Where am I and why aren’t I Cambridge in the post-apocalyptic future?”

I’ve had a lovely day. It didn’t start out so hot, as I keep waking up in the morning with these awful back-of-head and neck headaches and I’m blaming it on bad posture and a new pillow. I have used the same pillow at home, taking it to Japan and Spain, for the last, oh, 10 years? I didn’t bring it here as I thought it was getting too flat. I think I was wrong. Here’s the thing, it’s old, right? But it’s feather and it smells like home. It has been so squished over the years that there’s hardly pillow left of it. It was still soft and fluffy and squishy, but crumpled up into almost nothing when under my head. I miss it.

But, about my day. Jesse and I went to breakfast, which was delightful, and then I came back home to work and was still a bit down, missing family, blargh. I got the sweetest emails from Erin and Momm and things just went up from there. Momm’s email made me laugh out loud and I had to call her right then and there so we could laugh together about her dog (who ate a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans and was cuckoo all evening) and talk about good stuff. That conversation was just exactly what I needed. I think it did her some good, too.

Then Jesse came home and we went out walking, finding small alleys, old markets and discovering what’s behind the façade of new, modern China. It’s all still back there, on side streets, in alleys, and behind apartment buildings. There were markets selling thrashing fish; crabs getting away down the street and being fetched back into the box by children. We saw a cute old man set up on the sidewalk with an ancient sewing machine (black enameled, painted with bright flowers and characters, pedal-type) taking on random people’s mending. There are also fruit and vegetable stands galore and huge piles of garbage – not quite as picturesque.

Of course, we forgot the camera again.


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  1. Hi Amy,

    I finally remembered to check the blog and see how you 2 are doing. Sounds like your settling in. On the day of this entry I was giving in a presentation in my Spanish class on how to make Latkes in Spanish, of course! Got my grade back today, B+, I was hoping she would throw me a bone and give me a A- but nope!
    In January 08, I head back to Mexico again for the entire semester! Jan 14-May 15. This time I will be attending a university in Puebla (south of Mex. City about 2 hours). When I return in May I will graduate with my Bachelors in Spanish! I hope my verbal skills will be A LOT better than they are now! I will also being doing an internship there (you know, a job for no pay), I hope in a school. So between working in a school and my classes, I should really get beyond my current basic skills.

    Yes, it is strange to attract so much attention being blond/blue eyed. Years ago, I experience that in Guatemala. I felt like the giant blond, blue eyed amazon women there. Then I made the mistake once of wearing shorts in town, OMG, never did that again. then I was the giant blond/blue eyed hussy!!

    I am so glad to read your doing well and enjoying your new surroundings. Makes me look forward to my journey to Puebla in Jan.

    Melanie is on the ship with Paul and really enjoying herself. Her and Paul should be home about the time I leave!

    Keep sharing!

  2. Hi, Amy Katrina and Jess!
    You said leave a comment so here it is! Jeff and Brian are here visiting us in Santa Rosa and they both say Hi! They wish you the best, and we do, too! Birthdays are all around now (mine, too) so it is a nice time to visit. Things are great here. N. Cal beats S. Cal. 10-to-1. Dee and the boys are all fine; I’m set to start San Fran. St. for a German deg. in Jan. Hope to get skiing in before then. Hope to see you (relatively ) soon….by then I’ll be spouting Kraut-speak like water.

    Love, Allan, Dee, Jeff, Brian

  3. Hi Amy!!!
    I wish I has time for a longer email but I’m running off to see a movie (have you seen any in China? I had the best experience watching subtitled “Men In Black” — we were the only ones laughing! Who knows how they were translating those jokes). I’m jealous you got to go to Suzhou. I’ve never been there. I remember liking Shanghai a lot, but found it really expensive. Have you been to the Peace hotel?
    I love how you’re taking advantage of all the foreign food and drinks there. Are you learning any Chinese? I remember getting stared at too. I imagine that’s kinda what it’s like to be a celebrity. It’s hard to have a day when you just want to be invisible.

    Keep on blogging! It’s great to hear about things out there…


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