I’ve come down with a small doozie of a cold. My head feels sort of like a throbbing balloon filled with peanut butter (I think I just came up with the weirdest analogy ever, yuck!) and I’m sore all over here and there where my lymph nodes are swollen. I left Anatomy and Physiology before we studied the lymphatic system, but I can pick out where many things are going on by the soreness in my neck, back and hips/thighs. Anyway, I’m cranky and sneezy. Jesse brought me tea in bed this morning (and I brought him coffee).

I finished “The Handmaid’s Tale” and it had an ambiguous ending, the kind you have to make for yourself. In these cases, as the optimist always will, I devise the happiest possible outcome. I remember finishing “Life of Pi” (**SPOILER** don’t continue if you plan to read it) and not even really considering that the tiger and the kid were one and the same; I guess I agreed with the storyteller (and author? I don’t remember terribly well) that it made a better (and happier) story the way it was written. I sort of thought the author was leaving it up to you to decide. After Jesse read it, he informed me that there was no deciding, the author wrote it the one way, as in “what makes a better story?”, not “what makes a better truth?”. I think all that might not make any sense, sorry, I’m a little fluffy-headed. I’ll have Jesse check that paragraph to make sure it’s somewhat coherent. (side note: Jesse’s not sure it makes sense, but, too bad, this is my head-rambling and you came to read it, so there.)

I’ve moved on to reading Gone With the Wind and, though I chose it for it’s 1000+ pages, I also think it’ll be fun to read. I think I need to make a rule for myself. No books under 400 pages; they go too fast.

Jesse and I bought the DVD set of “Desperate Housewives” the other night. It’s seasons 1, 2 and 3 all together on only 3 DVD’s from a street vendor and it looks terrible. Way too fuzzy to watch. The soundtrack, of the entire thing, is about 2 seconds ahead. It’s OK, though, we spent just over $2 on it.

Well, then, this just about gets you up to speed.

In response to Emily’s comment on the previous entry, we have gone to see one movie, it was that cook in NY movie, um, “No Reservations”, that’s it. We were the only ones laughing, but not very much because it wasn’t very funny (or that good). And, Emily, it IS expensive in Shanghai! And not too late to see Suzhou, come on over!

In response to Kathy’s, I thought Eva Luna was awesome, BUT, I liked Daughter of Fortune better. It’s one of my top books.

In response to Nordli’s many sweet (and funny – you cursed!) comments, thank you for all the lovely “hello’s”. I think a 6 month motorcycle trip around North America sounds terribly adventurous and romantic.

And Allan, hi! Happy Birthday to all and to all a good night.


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  1. How’s your cold and swollen glands? I have one now too; home for the 2nd day. Hope yours is better. I’m researching getting vaccinations for the trip. Nick says the health dept will give us an interview and all shots for $100. Did you get any shots before you left?

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