Gone With the Zhouzhuang


Oh, I’ve been soooo busy and things are terribly hectic and I hardly have time to sit still for a moment.

Huh. “Yeah, right.” you say.

I can’t get my head out of Gone With the Wind. It’s like 5 books in one. I’m hardly more than halfway through and I can’t imagine how there can be another half to the story. It really makes me want to spend some time in the south and see this old America I hardly know about.

I went on a day trip this last Wednesday (despite stomach distress, but what else is new) to Zhouzhuang (no, I don’t expect the town name to ring some bell for you). It’s an old canal town that has been kept in pristine condition by tourism. It’s almost like a chinese disneyland with no rides or people in costume. There were quaint bridges, old architecture, a lot of cheap touristy goods and fair number of tourists.

I went with the visiting mother of Jesse’s boss and his wife and they were fun. We took it slow (didn’t try to go on every ride), had a leisurely lunch overlooking a canal, and took a short boat ride, very venician-style, down the canal.

This is definitely the place to bring visiting family. I’ll share some pictures to get you all excited about it once I get them off the camera.

So, how was your week?


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  1. Hi again, Just want to say hi. Funny your reading GWTW, Melanie is reading the book on the ship and Caitlin is pestering me to buy the movie!! Of course, it is my fave movie and book of all time!!

    I start my Thanksgiving vacation today! Of course, whats a vacation without tons of homework!

    Any turkey dinners in your future?? Last year I was in Mexico, I craved turkey dinner all day!!! The power of suggestion!

    Melanie and Paul are ported in Egypt, Alexandria. Mel was able to go on a tour today of the sphinx, national museum and some pyramids. Lucky kid!

    Off to walk the my doggies!

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