2 Dumb 2 Use Internet


I’ve been having the darndest time with my computer lately. I think it’s so terribly infected, it makes me sad. I’m actually having a hard time completing work (the kind I’m paid for), too, which is what really makes me angry. I feel like they’ve gone out on a bit of a limb, having me work from China. Now something, either in my computer or because of the Great Firewall of China, blocks me from transferring from one document to another, a crucial part of the beginning of my work day. It means I get a slow start, trying over and over, until it suddenly does go through. By this time I’m nearly hurling my laptop across the room.

I finished Gone With the Wind and am a little flabbergasted at the ending, but it was a fantastically absorbing 1000 pages. I’m ready to read something else, though.

Jesse and I have plans for thanksgiving tomorrow. They revolve around eating a lot of starch-based foods and maybe also chicken. There will be a lot of sitting around and, hopefully, figuring out how to post a few pictures up here with my woefully bare-bones version of WordPress. Usually, there’s a simple button you push – “link picture” – put in it’s address and it pops right up. The firewall blocks WordPress now and my access to it is through a secret hole, using an address out side China or some such nonsense. Anyway, when taking this curving road through cyberspace to get here, wordpress loses all it’s handy, fancy buttons and I’m left in figure-out-html-for-yourself-land. So I’ll work on it and bring you some visual updates of China. UP NEXT!! My hair looks longer! Look how messy our apartment is! Small tourist towns in China (that cost $10 to enter) are very pretty!


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