Oh, Pumpkin Pie


Oh! Pumpkin pie, how much I love you,
yet, how unfortunate, you love me, too.
From the kitchen, you beckon to me,
delicious with a cup of coffee.
You are best the morning after,
eaten from hand tastes all the better.
Thinking of you, as a toothsome treat,
I think of watching the ocean, with dogs at my feet.

My ode to pumpkin pie, thanksgiving, and Cayucos. I have one piece left, for tomorrow morning. Delicious! Every thanksgiving, as I’m chowing on pie, I think I should make pumpkin pie more often. Then again, if I did, it wouldn’t be so special, would it.


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  1. Hi Amy-Kate…and Jesse
    So, as I made my pumpkin pie (I actually made 7 different pies-what a feast!) I thought of your momm. You see, I never liked pumpkin pie until I tried your momm’s. It has since been a favorite in this house/family. I almost decided not to make it but was informed I had to! It was the first pie to disappear! Anyway, we’re glad you have this site so we can look in on occasion and find out about your life. Unfortunately I don’t see your mom and dad enough to stay caught up.
    Have a safe and happy holiday. Hugs~

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