Rainy Day


I laughed out loud twice while reading Dooce* this morning and think I may be feeling better. My first outburst came concurrently with a sip of coffee almost spit out, as she wrote of her husband, when hearing their daughter’s singing along to “The Little Mermaid”, asked if that was their girl in the living room or somebody fondling a llama. I do recommend you check up on Dooce and Leta (Erin).

Today is dripping and chilly and I love it. I told Jesse this morning how I am always comforted by a rainy day and he supposed it might be that it reminds me of Portland. I think, though, that I have always loved a rainy day. The sound of rain, the smell of it, and the possibility of staying in making bread make the rain special. Whether we’re here in Shanghai where the winter is the driest time of year, or in Portland where it gets old after the 100th day of rain, I do like a rainy day. When I was living in the ground floor half of a duplex in Portland, I found I missed never being able to hear the rain on the roof. I’d wake up, go about my “getting ready for work” business and sometimes not know til opening the door that it was rainy. So I put a metal garbage can lid outside my bedroom window where the gutter dripped down and from then on could hear a steady plink!, plunk! when it was raining.

There are little birds just outside my window! They’re hopping here and there and making light little chirpy hello’s to each other. Sigh…small little happinesses.

* I think I fixed that link to Dooce. It’s the stooopid firewall in China that makes me use this other website to post to wordpress and then sticks it’s address in places it doesn’t belong. But it makes me angry and I’m going to stop.


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