Merry Christmas!


What a wonderful day! We had a delicious time yesterday. We managed to spend the whole day unwrapping gifts (you have to play with each one before moving on to the next) and cooking and eating and talking on the phone. We had apple pie and bacon for breakfast – probably the best breakfast combo ever; and roasted chicken, stuffing, and broccoli/cauliflower gratin for dinner. And a lot of chocolate in between. We shared a bottle of champagne and some grand marnier and got a little goofy and talked about how fantastic life is (Jesse: “I wish I could marry you again”). I gave Jesse (among many things) a fancy stovetop bialetti coffee maker and an 8 edition set of books with all the writings (in traditional characters) of the pre-Tang Dynasty Chinese philosophers (mostly from the Warring States period, his particular interest). Jesse not only got me some lovely and much appreciated gifts (books, people! 4 new books!)(and the 1st 5 seasons of Alias!), but he also always writes the sweetest little notes on them. Here’s one:

Dear Amy Kate,
Well, I have been visiting you for many years now, and you have always been a good girl. I don’t want to shake your confidence in the North Pole, but you will no doubt notice a decline in the overall quality of our gift wrapping and I feel you deserve an explanation. You see, due to rising oil prices, the weakness of the dollar and increased sea levels around the North Pole we have had to cut elf pay, resulting in a several month long elf strike. I have had to pull some strings to keep this out of the news – don’t want the little ones catching wind of this – but you are an adult and have a right to know. Besides, I had to steal some of your wrapping paper. To make a long story short, the whole ordeal has just been a nightmare. We’ve had to hire……gnomes…
Merry Christmas,
Kris Kringle

Very cute, no? He carried the theme into a scavenger hunt later in the day, which led me to a gorgeous new pair of boots! I will upload many Christmas pictures, including ones of my stocking-making project, onto flickr soon.

You know how people say that they fall more in love with their sweethearts with every passing year (and sometimes it can be too sticky-sweet and annoying?)? It’s true, though. I am always ever more in love with my husband. My life is sticky-sweet and I love it.

Merry Christmas, much love to all! Family and friends, I miss and love you all so much!


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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really enjoyed your pics. You two look so cute, cuddly and happy!! A good combo!

    I finished reading Harry Potter book 7 today. Awesome! I think it is best of the books, although I read them all 2 years ago and I can’t even remember which one is which.

    How is Beloved? I tried to read it years ago and I got so confused I gave up.

    Now I am about start reading Don Quixote. Since I am a spanish major and I will be taking 2 lit class next semester, I thought I should read it since it is so famous. It seems likely it will pop up in one of my classes.

    I hear your parents are flying over tomorrow. I bet you so excited to have visitors and visitors from home at that! Enjoy.


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