Not Complaining, Just Commenting


Ugh… I kind of don’t feel good. I’m sort of achy and definitely cold (google “shanghai weather news”. . . are you back? See, this is not normal for southeastern China) and also there’s my stomach. After everything I eat I’m so very full, even if it was just a muffin. Then I feel acidic and not too long after, 2 hours or so, I’m hungry again. Ravenous, actually. And also my bowels are a bit out of sorts, but that’s a given here.

Let’s see, today I ate: A bowl of oatmeal and some yogurt (and then was so full), then a few hours later had a fried-egg-on-a-chewy-pancake thingy from a street stall (cause I was soooo hungry), then met Jesse for an afternoon romp in the snow while he broke from work. Then, I had an hour and a half to wait for him til he finished work, so I went in the seldom visited posh café I used to frequent and had a piece of cheesecake (and I was very full). Then we got some dinner after he got off work and I could hardy eat any of our spicy tofu and wok-ed greens because I got full so fast.

Now, what do I mean by wok-ed greens? (new topic. Weather and health = dull) So, Momm and Daddy had the pleasure when here to try out the vast array of “greens” that are prepared very simply. Flash fry with garlic, add water and msg, serve hot. And it’s almost always our favorite dish. These ones were small leaves, very green on tips, white on bottoms. There are also stringy tough greens, small sprout-like greens, mountain vegetable, white leaves, spinach, many called just “green vegetable”, cabbages galore and what appears to be romaine lettuce all prepared in this fashion and always delicious. It usually seems any single restaurant may offer one or two different dishes of greens.

OK, I’ve got to go find another tums.


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