Spring Festival, Zero Degrees


I started my day off right this morning by adding curry powder to my oatmeal instead of cinnamon. I think I’ll have to have a bit of ice cream to make up for that.

Tonight I’m making chicken noodle soup with a carcass from a chicken we ate the other night. If you’ve had my momm’s noodle soup, you know it’s the best cold weather treat EVER with chunky homemade noodles. Jesse loves it.

It’s snowing again which is just…unreal. I lost my umbrella the other day in Starbucks. Not so much lost, really, as had it taken right out from under my chair when reading my book. Jeez, who takes a fellow patron’s umbrella?

Next week is “Spring Festival” here in China, which means a week-long celebration of the Chinese new year. It’s tradition to go home and be with family and instead, huge crowds of people are stuck in airports and train stations. It’s sad. Jesse will have a few extra days off next week and, as the bad weather is slated to continue for another week, we are planning on vegging on the couch. I bet I’ll make cookies.

Jesse says on the night of the new year it’s dangerous to go outside because you’ll get hit in the head with a firecracker. On the other hand, we’ve also been told it’s bad luck for the next year if you don’t light one. That’s a hard choice to make – bad luck for a year or speared with a firework? I guess we’ll see.


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  1. Go outside. Bad luck for a year will follow you around for, well, a year. Speared by a firework my hurt, but it’s a pretty good story.

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