Monthly Archives: March 2008



Today I am teaching a CLASS! Ack! I have picked up a class at Jesse’s school and will be teaching about Culture (but mostly about speaking English) 3 afternoons a week and, though I am prepared, I am nervous. And having a hard time finding anything professional to wear. My one collared shirt and one pair of non-denim, non-cargo pants will only last me one day of class and then what do I wear? Also, these items don’t fit so very, very well, so I will be uncomfortable. Gah! Also, it’s exciting!




I’ve spent my workday in the posh euro cafe next to Jesse’s work and what a nice day it’s been. There’s a vase full of bright orange/red gerber daisies smiling at me, and I’ve been told by 2 people (though one of them was my husband) that I am beautiful (and the other was a random dude riding on the tail of a friend’s moped, I was both indignant and flattered). I am also wearing the lovely jade necklace Jesse got me for my birthday and I’m in a skirt, yay, spring!

I’ve finished working and next I will go next door to the school and say hi here and there. Jesse’s coworker (and boss, actually) invited me to attend Easter Sunday Church with her (she’s a regular) and I’ve said yes, but think a bit of Easter brunch or dinner might be nice, too. She has a bigger place, so I’m working up the nerve (haven’t I always been kind of nervy? Where did my nerve go?) to do the unthinkable and invite ourselves over to another’s house, though I will give her many escape hatches.

What else? I’m getting sooooo very excited about the upcoming months of visitors. Welcome to China! Here’s your bout of diarrhea! Speaking of, Jesse I have felt under the weather (or over the toilet) the past couple of days again. Ugh.

On that disgusting note, I’ll leave you to your day. Much love to all!



I have kind of a lot on my mind lately, and trying my darndest to keep up beat and positive. So I haven’t been writing to document my downs. Be glad of this! I decided I should come back and catch up a bit. In lieu of prattling on about my feelings I thought I’d share with you a list I was making in my head the other night when trying to sleep about why red is my favorite color.

1. It’s the prettiest!
2. It makes me think of Christmas
3. It goes so well with white and since I’ve always been a renter, I’ve always had to decorate white areas
4. All my favorite fruits and veggies are red; cherries, strawberries, red peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, apples…
5. Red is any number of similar colors evoked by light consisting predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light discernible to the human eye (so says wikipedia)
6. Red is the color of Valentines Day, one day before my birthday.
7. Other words for red are so passionate; scarlet, crimson, cardinal, magenta, carmine, vermilion…
8. Red is sweet, red is spicy, red is hot, red is juicy
9. Red looks good on me
10. Red can’t hide
11. See title of this post

And that’s enough for now. Mostly, I think, red is cheerful and bright and it makes me feel happy when it’s around.

Today, I found some bagels in a random bakery nearby. They’re a bit funny shaped and plain, but delicious! Tomorrow morning, it’s bagels and cream cheese for Jesse and I, wahoo!

Thinking of all of you and missing you. 5 more months until we come home!