I’ve spent my workday in the posh euro cafe next to Jesse’s work and what a nice day it’s been. There’s a vase full of bright orange/red gerber daisies smiling at me, and I’ve been told by 2 people (though one of them was my husband) that I am beautiful (and the other was a random dude riding on the tail of a friend’s moped, I was both indignant and flattered). I am also wearing the lovely jade necklace Jesse got me for my birthday and I’m in a skirt, yay, spring!

I’ve finished working and next I will go next door to the school and say hi here and there. Jesse’s coworker (and boss, actually) invited me to attend Easter Sunday Church with her (she’s a regular) and I’ve said yes, but think a bit of Easter brunch or dinner might be nice, too. She has a bigger place, so I’m working up the nerve (haven’t I always been kind of nervy? Where did my nerve go?) to do the unthinkable and invite ourselves over to another’s house, though I will give her many escape hatches.

What else? I’m getting sooooo very excited about the upcoming months of visitors. Welcome to China! Here’s your bout of diarrhea! Speaking of, Jesse I have felt under the weather (or over the toilet) the past couple of days again. Ugh.

On that disgusting note, I’ll leave you to your day. Much love to all!


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