Today I am teaching a CLASS! Ack! I have picked up a class at Jesse’s school and will be teaching about Culture (but mostly about speaking English) 3 afternoons a week and, though I am prepared, I am nervous. And having a hard time finding anything professional to wear. My one collared shirt and one pair of non-denim, non-cargo pants will only last me one day of class and then what do I wear? Also, these items don’t fit so very, very well, so I will be uncomfortable. Gah! Also, it’s exciting!


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  1. I bet you will be an awesome teacher over there in China! I’ve been meaning to find some time to take a look at your blog for a long time now and I finally found a few minutes to do so. I love your 52 books idea, especially since I have learned to love reading for pleasure more than ever this year! My favorites so far this year are ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. We miss you at AFS. 🙂

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