April Showers


Hi! I know it’s been 3+ weeks since I last posted, but can I just nonchalantly start gabbing again without a lot of catch-up and preamble? OK, thanks.

Heidi’s here visiting and we’re having fun walking around, talking, shopping and getting tired by mid-afternoon every day. It’ll be quiet in the house when she’s gone, but then Erin and Adam will be here a short week later! It’s been mostly raining through Heidi’s visit, but I think the rain in Shanghai is rather soothing. It hasn’t really poured on us, we keep getting lucky and finding ourselves inside when it starts coming down and once we’re ready to head out again, it has let up. Such serendipity!

I am very much enjoying teaching my class. I have (with a grrreeat deal of help from Jesse) developed most of the curriculum for a class we’ve titled, “Introducing Culture”. Culture, it turns out, as a word, is definable in a kajillion different ways and I’ve had 5 hours a week for 4 weeks to try to get this across to them. As well as trying to teach about understanding and researching different cultures. It’s FUN! The students (all Chinese, all between 16 and 23) are encouragingly interested, and surprisingly obtuse about other countries and cultures.

And me? I am well. Great, really. Back and forth between very worried and insanely excited and very worried. And Jesse’s good, too. As always, he’s the sweetest sweetie.

Oop, it’s raining again, good thing I didn’t get on the ball and do laundry today!


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