Now that I’ve let the cat all the way out of the bag, I fear there will be little else talked about here than the squigling thing in my uterus. We had our 16 week check up yesterday and, though I’ve convinced myself that I can feel this little dude wiggling and poking, I still managed to work myself up into a bit of a state beforehand worrying that everything was NOT OK.

It is! Very OK, actually. Our Dr. here is so effusive with compliments, it’s hard to know how much is actually true (your baby is fantastically active!) and how much is just her way of putting an exclamation point on everything (your chlamydia and gonorrhea tests came out great! I took this to mean negative, and yeah they’d better be.). There was absolutely positively nothing out of the ordinary. She thought it was unlikely that I’d been feeling the baby move (humph) and was unconcerned that I’m still in the negative on weight gain. And on that subject, how is that I look so fat when so far I’ve lost 3 lbs and in the last month gained 1? I promise you all, I’m eating plenty of cheesecake, I just think maybe the little squishy is taking it all from me.

Jesse came in to hear the heartbeat and, lucky him, stayed to hear the Dr and I discuss my “poo”, as she calls it (I’ve still got off and on diarrhea, aren’t you glad I’m sharing?). We had no ultrasound this time around, but she did pull out microphone with a box attached and stuck it to my lubed up lower belly. After just a second of my heart stopping because we could only hear a hiss and a burbling sound, she moved it a bit to the left and there came a loud “ka-whoosh, ka-whoosh, ka-whoosh, *CLICK* ka-whoosh *BLIP*, ka-*THUD*, ka-whoosh, ka-whoosh” and she told us it was a strong 140 bpm and the baby was kicking her microphone! Exciting.

OK, enough of all that talk, I’m going to take Jesse to breakfast. Everything’s good!


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  1. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for about a year and find it very interesting. I appreciate that you take the time to write it. The new addition to your family is very exciting!!!! Take care of yourself! Love to both of you.

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