The Rain in May


It’s raining today, a lot. Thing is, it was a sunny, hot morning with no clouds what-so-ever. So I dawdled my morning away sewing and watching the show I’d fallen asleep during last night, before gathering up some stuff to go meet Jesse at work with lunch. Then, I dawdled the afternoon away eating cheesecake and reading at the posh cafe next door.

Around 4-ish, I decided it was time to make my way home, stopping off at the store for some much needed toilet paper and bacon. This, my friends, is when it started sprinkling. “Oh”, I thought, “how romantic, a walk home in a light spring rain.” But by the time I’d gone a few blocks, it was a bit heavier. I was in a white shirt and flip flops, so decided rather than walk the whole way risking a wet white shirt and an ungraceful slip off my shoes, I’d get on the metro to take it a whole single stop. Which I did.

The metro stop is under the store(which is in the basement), so I blithely went about my shopping no longer considering the weather. Let’s see, I got the TP and bacon and also tomatoes, basil, potatoes, a mango (then put the mango back) and an avocado. I’ll bet you can’t guess what we’re having for dinner…a sandwich! I already had a baguette.

So then I ascended to the street level where quite a sight awaited me. Huge puddles, a heck of a downpour, and loads of people waiting under the awnings of stores for it to let up enough for them to step out into it with their umbrella. I stood with them thinking it might be over soon so I could walk the 4 loooong blocks home. It is now just after 6, that was around 4:30 and it has not let up! Being fiercely stubborn and stupid, I did not want to buy an umbrella when I have a very cute one at home. So…I waited…

…until 5:18, when I just couldn’t stand it anymore. It was not a downpour for a second, just raining, so I went for it, fast walking (no running in flip flops! Especially not when you’re 5 months knocked up) and after a block my shoes were making a squidging sound and my shirt was soaked. Don’t worry, I was holding my bag of goods in front of my chest so as not to give a white wet t-shirt contest. I stopped under the umbrella of a news stand and watched the light for just the right time to cross, giving a commiserating smile to the girl waiting next to me in a fancy white suit and clopping black heels. When the light changed, I scurried across the street and had only made it a bit down Shaanxi Lu, before I noticed the girl in the heels was holding her umbrella over me and motioning me to walk with her!

Oh my goodness, this was the best thing that could have happened. Not because it kept me dryer on the way home (we were going the same direction), but because it reminded me to get off my hifalutin’ horse and quit thinking everybody here is so rude. It’s just a different country, they’re people just like me, with a slightly different idea of what is kind and what is staring. Also, I didn’t get super wet.

It’s still raining and now it’s dark enough that we can see lightening now and then. Delightful!


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