I’m at a coffee shop (or Taiwanese bubble tea shop to be nit-picky) enjoying a coconut bubble tea and I forgot a book. I was feeling quite lost with out something to read but just realized I could use this time to jot a little something down on a napkin to write into the ol’ blog. So here it is. Ever wondered what that girl over there drinking a coconut bubble tea is thinking? A lot of piffle (which means what, really?).

This bubble tea is actually about the best thing I’ve had to sip from in quite some time. I’ll have to bring Nick and Abby here. I haven’t brought anyone else that’s visited, so it will be special for them. And for me because, yum!

So, what else? I finally downloaded (uploaded? What’s the difference?) our pictures onto the computer so once I finally down-up-load them to flikr, you’ll get to see what the heck we’ve been up to over the past 5 months. And next week, oh my goodness, next week we go for our 20 week ultrasound, the one where you’re in the hot seat for a half an hour and get to see all the organs and face, hands, feet, etc.. I’m sure I’ll be getting those pictures up pronto.

You know what I’d like to have right now? My pregnant “visible woman” model I built when I was 8 or 10 and way into obstetrics. That model was awesome. After painting all her innards (baby included), you stack them all into her huge clear plastic belly. The best part, though, was you could open up the belly and take it all back out, seeing how it all squished in there. I’d like to see it now for a bit of an idea where my intestines are currently and where the heck they’ll end up in a couple months. I’ll bet she’s still posing somewhere in the shop, maybe, Momm?

All for now. Bubble tea is long gone as that was yesterday and today I’m just my own secretary.


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  1. I will totally take some bubble tea!

    We went to the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit at Turtle Bay the other day. They have a dozen or so real bodies (!!) which are preserved and dissected to display the various systems. It’s like your visible woman except real (and not 10″ tall). It relates to you in two other ways:
    1. All the bodies are from China
    2. Mrs. Anderson (your 3rd grade teacher) was there and was thrilled to hear about what was going on in your life. Her unmistakable smoke-addled voice hasn’t changed a bit.

    Three weeks!

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