Monthly Archives: June 2008

Almost July!


Jeez, it’s been ages. I don’t blame anybody if they don’t come to see me around here anymore. If you feel like it, leave me a comment telling me how long it took you to break down and come by to see if I got off my lazy tuckus to come and say hello.

Life is pretty swell, I must say. Nick and Abby came and went and we had a really good time. I mean it, you guys, we so, so enjoyed your company. They endured 3 or so hot and wet days and the rest were just wet and wet. Which they will concur is much nicer. Nick willingly (and Abby, too!) partook of all the weirdest foods Jesse could think of offering them to eat. Good job, guys.

I’m still pregnant. I’m not quite used to the bump sticking out my front yet and tend to accidentally bump into doorjams, tables and whatnot when maneuvering around rooms. I also am quite startled when I catch my reflection in mirrors and windows, but I suppose my appearance will only get more startling. Really, I have quite a modest bump so far when compared to pictures of other ladies around the same time. It was impressively massive yesterday (Jesse’s eyes bugged out last night when I took off my shirt to put on pajamas), but that was because I made bean dip for dinner the night before, ate more at lunch and was hugely bloated with saltiness and gas. Oof.

I’ve scheduled my flight home. Yay! Hooray! I mean, I don’t want to make China feel bad, but, hooray! Home! Burritos, family, dogs, friends! I’m so excited. I’ll be flying into Seattle July 29th and then going down to Portland the next weekend and then going to Redding, maybe Berkeley, back to Portland, probably to Bend, etc…. Yay! Don’t you worry, I’ll be trying to schedule time to see you. All of you!

And that’s all for today. Got any great baby name ideas?




There’s a spectacular thunderstorm going on outside. I’ve unplugged my computer, so am writing in Word. About half an hour ago, I saw the lightening (it’s daytime) and then before I could process how bright it had been, the loudest ever crack of thunder sounded over my head. This was no “1 second pause”, it was very nearly simultaneous…

…and now the power is out. There was just again another crash of thunder that made me jump, sent adrenaline through me (waking up the baby – hi, baby!) and turning out the light and off the fan. Oh, yes, did I mention it’s still pretty darn hot?

You know what? I’m actually a bit scared. I’m calling Jesse. That’s better – we talked for a bit. I feel better even though it’s still crazy-stormy.

What else have I got going on? Not a lot. Still gestating. Still looking forward to going home. I’m also looking forward to having a baby, but feel like I have to make the disclaimer that I’m also really enjoying being pregnant. It’s just that we still have so long to wait until October and I know in another month, I’ll just start getting more and more uncomfortable. I read today that this baby is somewhere around a foot long. A FOOT LONG!



Hi! I uploaded some pictures onto flickr – you’ll see them over there ——-> I have only put up January and February so far, but bear with me, we’ll get there!

Things are going well and we’re good. Busy! I’m getting kicked a lot in the bladder (not by Jesse) and I think the baby’s supposed to be the size of a butternut squash or a carrot. In other words, nobody really has any idea what size it is.

More later!