There’s a spectacular thunderstorm going on outside. I’ve unplugged my computer, so am writing in Word. About half an hour ago, I saw the lightening (it’s daytime) and then before I could process how bright it had been, the loudest ever crack of thunder sounded over my head. This was no “1 second pause”, it was very nearly simultaneous…

…and now the power is out. There was just again another crash of thunder that made me jump, sent adrenaline through me (waking up the baby – hi, baby!) and turning out the light and off the fan. Oh, yes, did I mention it’s still pretty darn hot?

You know what? I’m actually a bit scared. I’m calling Jesse. That’s better – we talked for a bit. I feel better even though it’s still crazy-stormy.

What else have I got going on? Not a lot. Still gestating. Still looking forward to going home. I’m also looking forward to having a baby, but feel like I have to make the disclaimer that I’m also really enjoying being pregnant. It’s just that we still have so long to wait until October and I know in another month, I’ll just start getting more and more uncomfortable. I read today that this baby is somewhere around a foot long. A FOOT LONG!


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