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2 months


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Elena Mae, 2 days old

Elena will be 2 months old tomorrow and  I’m flabbergasted.  How did this happen?  My baby!  She’s already grown up so much.  She gives us huge, gummy grins and pouts with her bottom lip stuck way out.  She stands up, balancing precariously on her toes, as we hold her steady.  She charms the socks off of every curious face at Safeway.  And she curls her feet up, tucks her arms in, and snuggles her head into our neck when Jesse and I hold her.

She would like to spend her naps sleeping ON you, thank you very much, and generally disagrees with being put down at all.  When carried around, she peers over your shoulder with her neck stretched out like a turtle and if you don’t walk around enough, she’ll whack her head into your face.  She grunts and squeaks and coos and says “hmmm” as she’s falling asleep.  She tries to talk to us in coos and woos and whos.

She likes to eat, and eat and eat, and thinks a pacifier is a cold, cruel substitute for being soothed by Mom.  When she’s hungry or grumpy about not getting her way, she pumps her legs up and down in anger.

Sher loves to be tickled.  But don’t overdo it, or I’ll spit up on you!  She tries to stuff her fist in her mouth, she tries to stuff my fist in her mouth and she likes to chew on arms.  She does NOT sleep through the night, not even close.  Her poops are explosive and she usually goes while I’m breastfeeding, more often then not, making a big mess of every layer of clothing.  Completely at random, she’ll spit up lumpy curds for an hour and then demand a meal.

She so precious.  Her skin is the softest ever and her hair, on your cheek, is dreamy.  She splays her fingers in her sleep and melts in to you.  When she smiles, her tongue curls up and one eye (her left) is bigger then the other.  She loves to look in the mirror and having her diaper changed.

She has brand new downy hair on top of her head and her eyelashes are longer than mine, but blond, like mine.  She still has milia, the small white freckles (keratin deposits, I found out) on her cheeks and she has an impressive and expressive double chin.  She has a very bit of a belly, but is mostly long and lean, with chubby thighs.  Her belly button is like a little cinnamon roll.  Her left eyebrow is permanently ruffled, like Jesse’s, and her ears have little curled bits, like mine.  She’s somehow 5936750928 times more beautiful then either of us.

Elena Mae, Ellie Lu, Lainy, Ellie Mae, you are the sweetest little bit of vibrant life.  I’m looking down into your angel face right now.  As much as I’d like to freeze time and preserve you in this soft, cuddly, smiley time, I can’t wait to see what happens next in the story of our new, crazier, happier, tired, loud, busy,  and messy lives.

To commemorate, I finally uploaded pictures to flickr.  See them there on the right side of the page.

Now it is your 2 month birthday!  At 5am on this morning, two months ago, my water broke in bed…