3 Months


Our baby has grown up so much in the past month. She talks, laughs, squeeks, coos and goos, all the while connecting to your soul through her bright eyes. She seems to talk with her whole body; her fingers, arms and legs waving and her eyes and eyebrows raised in curiousity. She’s reaching out and grabbing at toys and stuffs her fists in her mouth. She prefers to talk to you while standing, balancing on her feet daintily, and often stomping one foot up and down. She turns her head violently, bonking her parents in the face. When she stretches, her arms reach straight out and her fists shake, while her legs reach down with her feet cocked at an angle.

She is so bright eyed and curious, it is the primary compliment we hear from strangers. She is always looking, checking everything out, taking everything in. When somebody else is holding her, though, she keeps her eyes out for me, like a compass. She likes to watch Christmas tree lights and TV and snow falling.

She has a slight hint of a dimple on her right cheek when she grins and her ears seem to be sticking further and further out. She has a centimeter of fresh blond hair on top of her head and the same inch of brown hair that she was born with on the back. Her eyes sometimes appear greenish, though they are still mostly a grey/blue. Her rosy chipmonk cheeks only have about 4 white specks of milia left, most of them have flaked off over the last few days.

She’ll be hungry like a monster for a few days, and then only graze for the next few, which means my milk supply is constantly out of whack. She’s still small for her age, remaining in the 25th precentile for all her measurements. She doesn’t much like riding in the car, but was an amazing travel partner on the plane rides to New Hampshire. She slept from Oakland to Denver, then, when we stood up to leave the plane after the second leg of our trip to Baltimore, the couple behind us exclaimed that they hadn’t even known there was a baby with us.

She smells sweet and gently sighs into your ear when relaxed on your shoulder. She sticks her tongue out when she smiles and her eyes squint into an almost evil grin. She could care less about watching cats and dogs, but loves other babies. She grins and coos at the baby in the mirror.

How can it only be 3 months since I became a mom? It seems like Elena has been with me forever. Her warm body fits just right next to mine, her voice sounded familiar even the first time I heard it, and her smile blooms in my heart in a special chamber that has always been reserved for her.


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  1. I miss my Laney! I can’t wait for February. I dreamt about you and Laney last night. Laney said “Hi Erin!”, clear as day.

  2. Now I’m crying. Thanks Ames! 🙂 Stupid pregnancy hormones! Amazing to hear your lovely words. You make me so excited to begin my own journey. Keep writing, you’re fantastic.

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