4 months!


Elena, 4 months

Elena, 4 months

Ah! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was writing Ellie’s 3 month report? The time, it is flying. She has become a little bundle of giggles and wriggles and sunshine. At some point in the last week I chose to stop wondering, “was that a laugh?” and decided that she was laughing. It takes a precise combination of tickles and teasing, but she already has a few different laughs.

She can roll over from her stomach to her back, but mostly only by accident and sometimes it scares her. She reaches out for toys, but only so she can grab them and put them in her mouth, either chewing on them or, if they’re curved and soft, trying to nurse on them. She’ll lay on her back, pumping her frog legs up and down and talking to herself for a good ten minutes before she starts to wonder why I’ve gone off to do dishes or some such nonsense. She soothes herself by sucking on the same two fingers (middle and ring of her right hand) that I did when I was a baby!

Elena, 4 months

Elena, 4 months

She almost entertains herself in the carseat, but much prefers her dad to be back there with her. Her talking voice has changed from gentle vowels to squeals and squawks of every register. She still seldom cries, but has a whine that means she’s hungry and one that means she’s tired. Her scared or hurt cry is gut wrenching and ferocious.

Her smile is full-faced. Her eyes alight, her nose crinkled up, her mouth wide and her tongue sticking out. She raises her eyebrows at the beginning of a smile and then ruffles them in an evil grin, bringing her chin down to emphasize her double chin. She goes crazy for the baby in the mirror and smiles back at every stranger. In the morning and after a nap, she almost doesn’t stop smiling for a half an hour. When she’s just woken up, she twiddles her fingers together like an evil genius.

Elena, 4 months

Elena, 4 months

She kicks her legs, banging her heels down and then str–e–tches them out, not against the ground, but at a 45 degree angle from the floor. When on her stomach, she can raise herself up on her arms and looks almost ready to crawl. She loves going for walks and naps best when carried. My back hurts.

She has lost all the milia on her face and now has a soft, dewy, doll-like complexion. Her hair is growing in soft and sparkly blond, but her eyelashes are both darker and longer than mine (yay!). Her ears stick out like a pixie. She doesn’t really have a neck, but she does have neck folds, which are a challenge to keep clean. Her skin is white and soft and she’s still slowly developing a belly. Her knees have dimples. Dimples! And her feet are delicious. She loves having her feet chewed.

We can’t help but discuss how our baby is the very best baby. She’s so sweet! So lovely! So darling and squishy and warm and soft. And she loves her mommy and daddy, too.

Elena, 4 months

Elena, 4 months


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