Tired and Sober


Last night we went to a dinner party at Sky’s and it was lovely. Excellent food, met some new people, enjoyed the company of some old friends and some newer. It was nice to feel like a normal person rather than a housefrau.

Actually, it’s not so much that I feel stuck at home, but that I have felt too much like myself. Let’s see if I can explain. When you’re at work, you’re one person. When you’re among differing groups of friends, you’re a different version of yourself. When you’re at a playgroup, when you’re at the store, etc, you present a different version. And at home (hopefully) you’re just yourself.

Well, the variety of things I do these days has rather narrowed. I have a reduced number of “selves”. So going to a dinner with people I hadn’t seen in a while was exciting. Also, I love showing off how lovely and sweet Ellie is.

I got one of the finest compliments of my life last night. And it had nothing to do with my appearance! I was told by Sky’s fiance that I seemed very wise. Wise! I think the truth was that I was very tired and sober, but I’ll take wise instead.

In other news, Ellie is working on cranking out a tooth, so is whiny and waking me up 4+ times a night. Also is gorgeous.


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