I’m a Mom!


The other day I stepped on a toy and it hurt. I got a flash of the future with Lego men piercing the bottom of my foot.

I can’t sit (or stand) still. Whether she’s in my arms or not, If I’m standing, I’m swaying. If I’m sitting, I’m jiggling my knee.

I make the goofiest faces for her. I use the sappiest voice with her. When she blows raspberries at me, I spit right back. When people talk to her, I talk back using the first person for her. Even though I know these things are annoying.

I have an increased vocabulary of terms useless to the rest of my life:
evacuation control
attachment parenting
tummy time
sleep sack

I somehow have no time. For anything. Not for phone calls, not for doing the dishes, not for showering. But I have unlimited time to sit on the floor and hand back toys.

There are innumerable nicknames for Elena, most of which I only dare endear her with when we’re alone, because they are that goofy.

I hope she has Jesse's forehead

I hope she has Jesse's forehead

I love her so much..my cup overfloweth.


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  1. Welcome to the crazy world of parenting :). I wish we were close enough that I could come by to help hand back toys :)We just joined this fantastic music class and now all we have time for is singing and making rhythms together.

  2. This post really made me laugh! “Useless terms…co-sleeper” HA!! I am so right there with you babe! Kisses to you and the babe.

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