The Pox


The pox is upon our household. Chicken, not small. Ellie is cranky, itchy and decorated with gruesome, scabby, oozy spots. I didn’t know chicken pox was so…gross. Jesse joked this morning that maybe she isn’t as cute as we think and her beauty is in the eye of us beholding her, for she is still cute even though oozy and spotted.



This was entirely unexpected. I guess it shouldn’t have been because she is a kid and they will tend to pick up any virus within 100 feet of them. Why her, though, and when and from whom? Info I’ve read says the spots show up 11 – 17 days after exposure, so it could’ve been any of about a million people.

Here’s the other problem with the unexpectedness: I have spent time with other friends and their babies during her 48 hour contagious-but-with-no-spots period. So now it’s our fault if they come down with it.

Anyway, that’s the news from Berkeley, where all the men are busy writing papers, the women are tired and the babies are itchy.


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  1. I think she’s still cute even though spotty! I don’t remember pox being oozy, but it’s been nearly thirty years since I had them so…

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