Random Today


Ahhh. Summer in the bay area is so lovely. Today it was cool and cloudy, sweater weather. Yesterday was 85, shorts weather. The only problem is you never know what to wear. Always, always, carry a sweater with you and maybe pants, too. Ellie and were cold, cold, cold today while shopping. I almost stuck her under my shirt.

I found that you can watch seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen” online at FOX’s website and I’m reciting, “yes, Chef!” emphatically to myself, as I order myself to cook dinner faster. It also makes me hungry, so I can’t watch it during that long afternoon snacky period.

I’m excited about the next few weekends. This weekend, Momm and Dad are coming down to see Grandma and Grandpa and I’ll get to see them and hopefully Lois, too. The the 4th we’re going to Redding and so are Leif and Melissa and family. Then the following weekend, hopefully Josh, Olivia and Daniel will come visit with Momm and Dad. A lot of family, that’s just want I need!

If anybody out there is wondering why I haven’t called (and there are many of you that I owe a phone call), I left my phone charger in Redding 3 weeks ago and my phone is dead, dead, dead. I’ll be getting it this weekend from Momm.


P.S.  Look at this little face!  4 days old.

P.S. Look at this little face! 4 days old.


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