Today I’m in Love


(Ellie’s 9 months post coming up shortly)
Oh! Love is in the air. The past few days have made my heart overflow. Happy times with family and a package of jam from Heidi (yay!) have made life literally sweet.

Jesse and I celebrated our anniversary last night, which meant eating the fanciest food we could cook at home. It was cheaper than if we had ordered takeout thai food. And incredibly delicious. We talked, laughed, and reminisced about all we’ve done together. It’s been a crazy 6 years. Portland to Japan to Spain to Portland to China to Berkeley. How lucky we are!

We spent the last weekend at my parents in dusty, blustery, blistering Redding. We just relaxed, hugging a lot. Grandma played with Ellie, Momm and Dad schlepped her around, showing her the garden, the dogs, the birds, etc.. Leif and Melissa, Josh, Olivia and Daniel all came down from Portland as well, so Ellie had cousins to play with and we all got to play together. Lois was there and Nick came back from Alaska on the last day. Old friends came over to visit and there was just a lot of friendly, family love.

Erin has planned a trip here in October, so I’ll get to see her soon enough. Al together, I have felt very warmly embraced by the comforts of love!


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  1. Yay. Amy it was so lovely spending the weekend with you guys! Also, you can expect a package soon (I should be mailing it tomorrow) because I found your pretty pink sunglasses AND the little outfit from Japan that you gave to Olivia. I think it should fit Ellie just fine still…
    Oh yeah and happy belated anniversary!
    Love you guys…

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