I’ve been terribly cranky ever since coming back from Portland a week ago. Darn you Portland! I almost think I should stay away so I don’t get grumpy about what I’m missing.

Here is the short list of what Portland has and Berkeley does not:

1. A sister, her husband, their gestating child, their cat and comfortable house.

2. A brother, a sister-in-law who is also a good friend, their fun kids and a comfortable house.

3. Coffee shops with good coffee

4. Coffee shops with good food

5. Coffee shops with places for kids to play!

6. Easy(er) access to good friends.

7. High Chairs and changing tables in every establishment.

8. Nicholas’ and Saburos

9. Good parks

10. Nice little neighborhoods to walk around (Sellwood, Multnomah Village, Mississippi, etc, ad nauseum)

11. A recently transplanted aunt who had lived nearby and was very helpful

I’d better stop. I think I could be writing this list for hours. The point is Portland is better and I know it and I know I will not get to move there for at least 6 years, if ever. Humph.


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  1. It is hard to miss places you love. Make sure that you appreciate your visits when they happen and make the most of them. Sometimes I feel like missing places makes them even more special…. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. I totally understand. I hear you talk about being with your family and everyone having babies and visiting and it makes me wish I was there too. Nate and I get lonely being the only family in Washington having kids this age. It can be lonely raising kids without other family raising kids as well. Of course our families are 200% supportive and helpful but it’s still not the same.

    • Meg, it’s just too bad that we don’t see each other more. We’re really not that far apart. I’m thinking about coming up for the day next Saturday, when Grandma and Lois might be up there too, and we can talk babies! Thank you so much for the package, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you card but maybe I’ll bring it to you instead.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed you visit so much. And your sister and her gestating child will be visiting you a week from today! I want you to take me to that awesome cafe with pie. I loved the pie. And the food next door was good, too. Oh, and the place with salad! And maybe some shopping? Shoe shopping for me or baby clothes shopping? We’ll have fun!

    • Amy! Portland misses you just as much as you miss it. I wish we closer so our kids could play and also I wish we were closer so we could play. Shopping with you was so fun :).

  4. Believe me Ames…I am pickin’ up what you are puttin’ down. I also darn thee Portland! How dare you put all other cities to shame. And please forgive me for not fully appreciating you when I had you within my grasp. Stumptown here I come!!!!

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