To be fair, I thought I should list the good stuff in Berkeley. I think if I could not be living in Oregon or Washington, the Bay Area would be next on the list.

Here goes, what Berkeley has and Portland does not:

1. Fantastic weather! Though, I never minded Portland’s.

2. Diversity! Resulting in fantastic restaurants and the possibility for Ellie to take a “Baby Mandarin” class. Though I’m not spending $30 for Ellie to walk around putting everything in her mouth while the adults recite single words in Chinese.

3. A good school where Jesse can get a PhD in Chinese languages and literature. He said today that a prof (from another university) told him that Berkeley was the only place Jesse could really study what he’s studying.

4. Good donuts

5. Close enough to drive to Parents, Grandparents and Cayucos without Ellie getting pissed off (as much)

6. Year-round farmer’s markets (ie, year round local produce)

7. The Sea

8. San Francisco nearby! (and even just looking at the cityscape from the East Bay)

9. New friends

10. Good, small, local markets for produce and meats and fishes

…and that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll miss it here when we move to Minnesota for Jesse’s first teaching position.


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  1. Umm, are you kidding about Minnesota? At least I can make it to Berkeley every so often. Like next week! And then a drive through before Thanksgiving!

  2. Are you kidding about the donuts? What about Voodoo Donuts in PDX? There’s something better in Berkeley?
    Allow me to mention one cool thing they have in Minnesota that doesn’t exist anywhere else I’ve been: Indoor walkways to protect from the elements. You can walk from one side of downtown to the other without crossing a single street. Sadly, this exists thanks to the inhuman weather. Happily, they have great windows.

    Good to see you this weekend!

    • You know, we went to Voodoo when I was there a few weeks ago and they were good (the custard filled was especially delicious), but I like the “just plain” donuts at a place a few blocks away better! The chocolate raised is the best I’ve ever had.

      So, not kidding about the donuts. Yes kidding about Minnesota, though I’m imagining his first job will be somewhere equally random and remote. Sorry! (though much sorrier for myself than for you!)

      • So more importantly, excepting assignments in Minnesota, I forgot to take any pictures while you were here. I have Ellie’s blog photos all over my desktop, but something late Septerish would be cool. No pressure.

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