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15 Months


10/31/09 Little Bunny Ellie


The last 3 months have passed in a blur of sicknesses, vacations and holidays.  In fact, the Halloween pictured above was the last normal day until we got back from Portland 2 weeks ago.  Regardless, I am a mommy-writing-slacker.  I have chosen to play with Ellie, shop for Christmas presents and hang out with Erin and Jasper, rather than catch up on her postings.  The problem with it is, I know I’ll regret not having those to read down the road.  Darn!

11/5/09 Ellie is sick and also disapproves of my excuses


But, here goes!  Ellie is 15 months old and she’s amazing!  She plays around with words, not keeping any one word in her vocabulary for very long.  She has said, Dada, hi, hat, hot, mama (but this meant ‘eating’), this, that, eye and many other words that she knows and we don’t yet understand.  She signs, all done, bye, hi, eat, up, yay and others I’m sure I’m forgetting.  But what really astounds me are the words she just plain understands.  She can’t yet communicate them back, but she knows her nose, ears, eyes, belly button, hair, feet, toes and probably more!  She knows shoes, socks, outside, nap, more, bath, book, cheese, blueberry…and I’d better just stop there because this could go on for a while.

11/28/09 Thanksgiving in Cayucos


Have I mentioned her dancing before?  She’s the cutest little bopper!  She mostly bounces up and down with her knees and holds her hands up so they flop up and down with the music.  Sometimes, I haven’t even noticed there is music playing until I see her point up her chin, put on her serious dancing face and start bouncing.  I love it.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything so cute.  Except maybe her streaking bottom after a bath when she makes a run for it to escape the towel.

12/21/09 ("wearing" my skirt)

12/24/09 First Christmas Present

She has a whole new relation ship with her toys, recognizing what they all do to entertain her.  Her favorite new toys are soft toys like stuffed animals and her new books.  She got a big stuffed penguin for Christmas and she loves to topple over on top of it and roll around.  She finally sits through some books with a little more text, but often still gives up half way through from distraction.  She loves to walk around in our shoes, no matter how many times they trip her up.  We find her toys in every possible receptacle, be it a backpack in the corner, the garbage, or the toilet.

12/28/09 Polar Bear

12/30/09 Busy

She definitely has green eyes, a shade or two darker than my own and long, dark eyelashes, several more shades darker then mine, thank goodness.  Her baby face has only grown up slightly.  She still has chubby cheeks, a tiny nose and a slight double chin.  She has the most expressive eyebrows, arching up in interest, furrowing in concentration and twitching in annoyance.  Her hair is much longer now, almost long enough that you don’t notice her sticky-out ears.  It is still a honey blond.  Her fingers are incredibly busy, she’d tried out coloring yesterday!  Her belly is cute and a little pudgy, though she is still a very skinny little monster, and her bottom is adorable!


Her entire being is entirely agreeable!  Well, except for when she’s in a disagreeable mood, but even then she’s really darn cute!