16 Months and Super Bowl Weekend


Look what I wrote 2 months ago!  And then forgot about even though I’d wasted a few good brain cells on it.  Enjoy for another day or 2 until I get Ellie’s 18 months post up.

Here she is at 16 months old:

Peek a boo! 2/15/2010

Ellie turned 16 months old this weekend and we celebrated by going to a few parties and tiring her out to the point of sleepless exhaustion.  We have gone to other people’s houses in the past and after they fawn over her for a few hours, she goes to bed on the floor (with a bag full of her bedtime accessories, mind you) in a bedroom.  This did not work for her this time.  She woke up every 45 minutes, when her lullaby CD was over and cried the very-sad-sleepy-baby-cry that I cannot resist, especially when I know she is in an unfamiliar location.  So we left at the early hour of 9:30 and came home to fall asleep on the couch while watching “The IT Crowd”.



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